What exactly is a book talk/book trailer anyway? I'm glad that you asked! What is a book talk's purpose? A good question! How do I go about creating one? Excellent probe! Below are two power points and a web link that share basic information about book talks and book trailers. Following these, is a Prezi (think Power Point only better) concerning book trailers as well as various examples of book trailers and digital book talks. We will discuss other ways, besides technology, of doing book talks during class.

Assignment Particulars:

You will create a book trailer (a short video to promoting a book). Once you complete your digital trailer, insert the link and upload your paper to the chart at the end of this page. The book trailer assignment sheet is located on the Assignments Page of the course wiki.

If you want to use Animoto as your source for the trailer, please see the Announcements page of the course wiki for a promo code

Book Talk/Trailer Resources - An Overview

Links with Sample Booktalks & Booktalking Info

Digital Book Talk on Avi's Nothing But the Truth

Book Trailer Wiki

Book Trailer Tips & Instructions (general online overview)

*You must meet assignment guidelines too. Be sure that you examine the assignment sheet carefully. The purpose of this document is to provide you with a general overview of how to create a book trailer.
Book Trailer Overview

Book Trailer Examples

Katie Woods

Lorena Chambers
Animoto Amelia's War

Mallory Wallace
Thirteen Reasons Why

Digital Trailer Table (Summer, 2017)




Chris Qualls
Friends with Boys
Friends with Boys on Docs
Hannah Kalbarczyk
Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest

Melanie Burnette

Allen Kittinger
The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons
Allison Kopp

Drew DeLorenzo
https://www.wevideo.com/view/946737543The link to my book trailer

Mariah Boyd

Seth Willoughby

Melissa Askins

Justin Campbell