This page will house various files and power points that will be discussed during the course. Please visit it often.

Week One Presentations

Files, Links, & Power Points

Adolescents: Who Are They?
Prezi: Adolescents & Their Literacy
Adolescents' Ages & Stages (Characteristics)

Literacy (Learning) Theories: The 4 Big Ones

VVWA Math Example Click Here
List-Group-Label Strategy Click Here
List-Group-Label Example Click Here

Week Two Presenations

Files & Links

Tell-Tale Heart Vocabulary
Tell-Tale Heart Vocabulary Quiz
Tell-Tale Heart Extending Activity
Big Huge Lab
Image Generator

IRA Position Statement on Adolescent Lit

Week Three Presentations

Files & Links

1. Read the sample newspaper article below carefully. Discuss its accuracy.
Make Your Own Newspaper
*see other presentations on the Young Adult Literature page
Text-Based Questions, Class 3

Text-Based Questions Class 4

Exclusion Brainstorming Strategy

Adolescent Literacy Theory Model

Role of the Literacy Learner

Three Dimensions of Literacy

Characteristics of Expository/Informational Text (Prezi)
Expository Text Structures Prezi
Expository Text Structures

Week Four Presentations

Files, Links, & Power Points

Story Impression for The Catcher in the Rye

Wanted Poster Generator

Fishbowl Activity

Click here for more info about the Fishbowl Strategy
Content Literacy Info & Strategies

Graffiti Wall (Pre, During, Post Reading Strategy)

Vocabulary Instruction for Adolescents

Word Splash Wordle Example

Young Adults and Non-Fiction