Before exploring the various types of literacy, we should first answer the question: What is literacy? See the short video for a response to this question.

Please see the PDF below. Follow the directions outlined on the file and then post your finished product to this page. After perusing the information about the types of literacy, please respond to the discussion question on this page. You may also want to look at the rubric that I will use to assess your review. It appears below the information sheet. Note: scroll to the bottom of the page for presentations on various types of literacy.

Types of Literacy Examples

Types of Literacy

Please insert your name and Types of Literacy Review Infographic, graphic organizer, etc. below.
Hannah Kalbarczyk
Seth Willoughby Health Literacy
Melanie Burnette Burnette Mathematics Literacy Digital Media
Melissa Askins Media Literacy
Drew DeLorenzo Visual Literacy

A. Kopp Global/Cultural
P. Radman
J. Campbell